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Gwendolyn O'Connor is Honored to have been chosen by the American State Department's Art in Embassies Programe.

Gwendolyn O'Connor's Paintings "Secret Fire" and "Kona Mangoes" were chosen by Her Excellency Madam Herbold for the 2006-2009 Art in Embassies Exhibition "From Sea to Shinning Sea", gracing the American Embassy in Singapore.


The Painting "Secret Fire" was further honored by being chosen for the Official Exhibition Catalogue. "Secret Fire" was also selected for the prestigious American State Department's Official 2008 Calendar, 10,000 of which were distributed to every American Embassy and Legation Worldwide.


Unprecedented , the Paintings "Kahana Bay" and "Bouquet for Sandy" were also chosen by His Excellency Ambassador Huso for the 2008-2011 Art in Embassies Exhibition in Vientiane, Laos.


The American Art in Embassies Programe is the Watermark of Excellence in the Art World to-day. Gwendolyn O'Connor is honored to be chosen to be ranked with the greatest Artist America has produced. She believes Cultural Exchanges promotes understanding, and mutual understanding is the cornerstone of Peace.

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